Open Letter To Buffalo Trace 


To whom it may concern, 


Im writing this note as a long time customer, whiskey advocate, fan and whiskey purveyor. I have been in the business for some time in ontario and have carried your whiskeys on my shelves as they have been available, for as long as I have been in business.  Even before most of the Toronto market knew that they should care about the Van Winkle family whiskeys I have served them, suggested them and advocated for them to a mostly uninformed audience. Now I’m learning that because I don’t sell “enough" of the other buffalo trace products I will have no access to the upcoming allotment for ontario. The fact is I stock all of the buffalo trace products available in ontario that I know of, but maybe don’t do the same numbers as many others, not only because of the size of my business but due to the fact that my place of business is a whiskey bar with near 100 other whiskeys to choose from (mostly American).  Even before the new frenzy over southern whiskey in ontario I have always stocked American artisan whiskeys and spoken out about their qualities and equality to other more highly regarded european forms. Basically I’m writing this message out of disappointment that your whiskey will not be available at venues like mine in which whiskey is actually the main focus. I understand completely that the Van Winkle family whiskeys are in high demand, but I would think that your company would still want your whiskeys standing on the shelves of loyal, passionate whiskey purveyors. 


thanks for your time 


Nic Savage


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